Our story

We recognized our passion for coffee back in 2011, It wasn’t long before we started roaming the globe trying every type of coffee, but that was never enough as the more we tried, the deeper our crave has become until we tried our first Indonesian freshly roasted coffee cup in Bali, that’s when we realized that our hearts belongs to that coffee. In 2018 we decided to drop our paper case, pick up our backpack and started the journey around Indonesia, going from one village to the other, visiting farmers from all over the place to learn further the art of coffee plantation and processing. We were instantly overwhelmed by their generosity and expertise. We spent a vast time between farms in Merapi, Bali, and lastly Karo, we first hand witnessed the various coffee processing techniques in the different regions, we cupped coffee in every farm we stopped by to learn how each type of cherries, process and soil can affect the final taste of our coffee cup, we decided to forge all this knowledge into an idea of building a bridge between these farmers and the rest of the world, taking Sumatra as our base due to its position in the coffee production in Indonesia, the idea of Villa Sumatra Coffee Company was born, the quest of the best bean hunting journey has begun.